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Multi-Factor Authentication

Security without sacrificing user experience with adaptable multi-factor identification.

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Multi-Factor Authentication

Multiple options to fit your application & user needs.

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Don’t Rely On Passwords

Passwords aren’t great for security. They’re complex, and they can be forgotten, reused, and compromised. Despite being risky, however, passwords are still used often as the only source of authentication for apps within an organization. Using Multi-factor authentication can block 99.9% of automated attacks.

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Prioritize UX & Security

With FusionAuth you don’t have to sacrifice the user experience to have secure authentication. Your users can authenticate in a number of ways (biometric, authenticator apps, SMS, email + more) depending on your needs or the needs of your users.

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Customize & Localize Your Multi-Factor Auth Messages

Provide your users with a uniform experience across all your applications by customizing SMS notifications and emails with your brand voice. Localize authentication messages for any language to ensure your messages are understood.

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Require Multi-Factor Authentication for Users

Using multi-factor authentication (MFA)  means your accounts are 99% less likely to be compromised, yet the majority of organizations aren’t using it. FusionAuth’s APIs let you require MFA across your apps and users.

Set Up ‘Step Up’ Auth to Protect High Risk Actions

Rather than relying on one authentication event to protect your most sensitive data and processes, FusionAuth allows you to require additional  authentication and step up your security as users move to more sensitive areas of your application.

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Let Your Users Choose the MFA that Works for Them

Your users have diverse needs, and not everyone wants to use the same authentication methods. FusionAuth supports a range of authentication methods so your users can choose the MFA that best suits their needs: SMS, email, biometric, or another method that works for them.