Install FusionAuth using Homebrew

Homebrew Install

Homebrew is a macOS package manager, so if you’re running macOS and you’re familiar with Homebrew, we’ve got you covered. Our Homebrew formula is open source and available on GitHub.

To install FusionAuth using brew, first install the Tap, you will only need to do this step once.

brew tap fusionauth/homebrew-fusionauth

Next, install the FusionAuth services, you can optionally skip the fusionauth-search service if you would like to use the database as the User search engine, or if you already have a compatible Elasticsearch service running. See the System Requirements and Configuration Reference.

brew install fusionauth-app fusionauth-search

That’s it! Now fire it up!

brew services start fusionauth-search
brew services start fusionauth-app

Now to get started open your browser to http://localhost:9011, and complete maintenance mode and the setup wizard.

The shared configuration file will be located here: /usr/local/etc/fusionauth/ and the logs are here : /usr/local/var/log/fusionauth/.

Homebrew Upgrade

If you initially installed FusionAuth using Homebrew, you can also use Homebrew to upgrade to the latest version of FusionAuth.

To upgrade FusionAuth using brew, first stop services.

brew services stop fusionauth-search
brew services stop fusionauth-app

Next, upgrade services.

brew upgrade fusionauth-app fusionauth-search

Start the services.

brew services start fusionauth-search
brew services start fusionauth-app