Available since 1.26.0


Messengers are used to send messages from within FusionAuth to other systems.

Message Transports

In version 1.26.0, each messenger type is assigned a read-only transport value of sms. This tells FusionAuth which configurations the messenger may be assigned to. For example, when configuring SMS settings in multi-factor configuration on a Tenant, we can safely assign only messengers designated with the corresponding transport value.

Set Up a Messenger

In FusionAuth, you can set up three types of messengers:

To configure a messenger, navigate to Settings-> Messengers and click on the appropriate messenger type in the top right.

Create a Messenger Template

Message templates are a powerful way to customize messengers and the communication contained within. FusionAuth uses FreeMarker for all templating.

To configure a message template, navigate to Customizations -> Message Templates.