Twilio Messenger

Available since 1.26.0

Set Up a Twilio Messenger

Here you can add a Twilio messenger to send SMS messages. +

To create a new Twilio messenger, navigate to Settings -> Messengers. Click Add Twilio Messenger from the dropdown in the upper right.

Add Twilio Messenger

Add Messenger Twilio

Complete the following fields:

Form Fields


A unique UUID is auto generated if left blank.


The name of the messenger. You can have multiple Twilio messengers with different accounts. This is used for display only.


Provided by Twilio. This is the URL of the Twilio messaging service you wish to connect to.

Account SIDrequired

Provided by Twilio.

Auth tokenrequired

Provided by Twilio.

From phone number

The outgoing phone number of your messenger service.

Messaging service Id

Provided by Twilio and is often used in conjunction with the Copilot service.

Debug enabled

When enabled, each message sent using this messenger will generate a new Debug Event Log which can be viewed using the Event Log API or from the admin UI by navigating to System -> Event Log.

Testing Your Configuration

Test Configuration Twilio

You also can test your Twilio messenger configuration. By hitting Send test message FusionAuth will fire a test SMS message to your Twilio messenger to ensure everything is set up correctly.