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Keep customers focused on their cart, not on sign-in.

easy retailer login puzzle piece fusionauth
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Online Retail is a Huge Force in Today’s World

You want your customers to have the best experience possible on your site — that means not being distracted by logging in. FusionAuth’s secure and simple sign-in options get your customers to their shopping cart without having to stop and reset a password. 

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Provide Easy (and secure) Registration & Sign On

No one loves passwords; they’re not secure and customers want to get straight to shopping, not figure out yet another unique but memorable password.

FusionAuth offers a range of much easier, and much more secure options: multi-factor authentication (MFA), SSO, social media sign on, or passwordless.

With easy sign on, your customers can sign in quickly and securely. With Advanced Threat Detection, you can be assured your site is secure.

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Allow Customers to Manage Their Privacy

Consumer trust is critical when it comes to online retail, which is why consent management is so important. Let your customers manage their own privacy, profiles, and add multi factor authorization (MFA), while remaining compliant and secure. 

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Provide a Smooth Customer Experience

Need help with customer support? FusionAuth offers tools to help you improve your customer experience, like non-technical user management with built in user management and a user management admin screen for your account managers.

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Integrate FusionAuth with Your Other Apps — Seamlessly

Our APIs and webhooks allow FusionAuth to push data into other systems and silos— so you can integrate with just about anything, including custom apps.

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Your Site, Your Branding

Customize everything, from login screens to message templates, and localize your user interface so that users can understand your messages — even if you don’t all speak the language. 

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Flexible Hosting

Host FusionAuth where you want: your own public cloud, data center, or under your desk. We’ll even host it for you in any region on FusionAuth Cloud.

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Advanced Security

FusionAuth protects your environments from attacks with advanced DDoS protection, bot detection, rate limiting, breached password detection and more.

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Auth Against Anything

Whether it’s another API, machine, or external user, FusionAuth lets you set roles and permissions for just about anything with Entity Management.