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Authentication, However You Want It

Passwords or passwordless, single sign on or multi-factor, FusionAuth lets you authenticate in every way, with standards based authentication using Oauth2, OIDC, or SAML v2.

authentication fusionauth
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Absolutely Secure Login

Don’t rely on passwords to protect users’ accounts. FusionAuth lets users authenticate in several easy, secure ways: single sign on, multi-factor authorization (we let you use a number of authorization styles) and passwordless. Take the guesswork and stress out of sign-on by sending magic links to your users, adding biometric authentication, or by using one sign-in to offer users access to all your applications.

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Authentication, Anywhere and Anyhow

FusionAuth gives you quick and easy authentication for any type of application at all, including web, mobile, desktop and console apps. Use FusionAuth's OAuth2, OpenID Connect or SAML v2 front-ends, or build your own login experience. We love developers, so if you build your own, our library of content is here to help you along the way.

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Social, Gaming, Enterprise — Add All the Logins

Add social and gaming logins to your app in minutes. You can also add federated login with Active Directory, Ping, and many many others with SAML v2 or OpenID Connect.

Completely Customizable

We let you customize everything. EVERYTHING. Login screens, user language, registrations, emails, user data, messages — you name it. It’s your authorization, so make it completely yours. 

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Connect With Everything

FusionAuth’s connectors let you connect other sources of user data.  Authenticate against 3rd party systems forever or migrate your data from that external system to FusionAuth.

Breached Password Detection

Don’t know if your users’ passwords have been compromised? We can help with that. We’ve collected hundreds of millions of compromised usernames and passwords from numerous breached databases. We’ll check passwords to ensure that they don’t exist in any of these databases.

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